How to cut the grass

How to cut the grass

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How to cut the grass: instructions and tips for cutting the grass by hand, with a brush cutter or with other professional agricultural tools. Practical tips for cutting grass in the garden or in the open countryside.

Today we will focus ongrass cutting in the gardenand in the open countryside, we will see in detail:

  • like cutting grass by hand
  • how to cut grass with a brush cutter
  • like cutting lawn grass
  • how to cut tall grass
  • agricultural tools for cutting tall grass

It is clear that those who have a large garden cannot cut by hand with a simple lawn mower. In these cases, it is worth investing in a brush cutter or even a professional mower based on the plot of land to be managed.

How to cut grass by hand

To cut the grass by hand, you need a very cheap garden tool, the scythe.

The scythe consists of a long curved blade and a very long handle placed at right angles to the blade. The handle must be held with two hands, with very firm grips.

The scythe is the most popular tool forcut the grass by hand: the right hand is placed on the lower grip while the left hand is placed higher along the handle. When mowing, the center of gravity must be moved slightly forward to allow maximum thrust to the scythe blade.

Those who practice the scythe cut usually place their right foot further forward than their body.

Where to buy a scythe? At an agricultural consortium or by taking advantage of online sales: on "this Amazon page" the long-handled (recommended!) And short-handled sickles are proposed, or you can only buy the sickle (the curved blade) to be mounted on the handle of your hoe .

As an alternative to the scythe, you can buy a hand-held lawnmower with a basket to collect the freshly cut grass. The hand mower is recommended only for small flower beds already formed but it is not useful in case of cutting of tall grass.

How to cut grass with the brush cutter

There are those who advise against the use ofgrass trimmerfor lawn mowing and garden grass cutting, but it all depends on the type of care we intend to dedicate to the lawn and turf.

Can the lawn be cut with the brush cutter? Cutting the lawn with the brush cutter means making the grass suffer excessive stress: the brush cutter does not have a blade but a thread that can cut the grass due to the speed of impact. With the brush cutter, the grass in the lawn becomes frayed and tends to get damaged. It cancut the grass with a brush cutterin the case of weeds or an overgrown garden, the use of a lawn mower is recommended for a lawn.

The line brush cutter is useful for weeds but not in the case of brambles, tall grasses and uncultivated fields for some time. In this context, the wire must be replaced with a steel disc as explained in the articlehow to cut tall grassand reported in the last paragraph of this page.

How to cut lawn grass

Lawn grass should be cut to a third of its original height. On the market there are lawnmowers with rotating blade, helical blade or mulching cut. According to your cutting needs, follow the advice in the article "which lawn mower to choose".

Usually, the turf constituted by the species of the genus Lolium or Festuca, is kept with a height of 3.5 cm, while, for the finer grasses such as Agrostis and Poa, the cutting height is + 1.5 maximum 3 cm.

When to mow the lawn?
Lawn grass should never exceed 2-3 cm in height.

How to cut grass with a brush cutter

Always wear gloves and also a mask to protect your eyes: while cutting, debris and stony fragments may splash at high speeds, so it is important to shelter.

Follow the safety rules of the tool used. Always keep in mind thatgrassit should not be cut when wet.

Use an electric brush cutter only to finish the job, to cut the grass on borders or small flower beds. For cutting grass with an electric brush cutter, make sure you have the right model for both power and technology used.

How to cut tall grass

Cutting tall grass is not a task for everyone. In the photo below you can see a Massey Ferguson 5450 tractor with a Fella rotary lawnmower ... It is clear, not everyone can have such powerful agricultural machines forcut tall grassthen what to do?

Tall grass can be cut with a hand mower, but this operation is only recommended for small flower beds. If you need to cut tall grass in a large garden, you can use a brushcutter with rotating steel blades and follow all the instructions given in the dedicated guide article"How to cut tall grass“.

Agricultural machinery for cutting grass

The most common agricultural machines are: brushcutters, lawnmowers and mechanical mowers. This is when we talk about small gardens. When we move into the open countryside we find the all and shredders.

Everything to cut the grass

The cutter is a very sturdy and reliable agricultural machine, characterized by great maneuverability: many models have a weight of 40 kg while the most powerful ones can exceed 150 kg.

How to use a cutter? You have to hold the guide handles and give the commands of the transmission and the cutting head. These controls, depending on the model, can be found on the guide handles (a sort of handlebar) or on the body of the machine. When making your choice, buy a cutter with guide handles adjustable to the height of the operator, even better if they can also be oriented laterally, so as to always set the agricultural tool in the optimal position even for working on sloping land or adjacent to walls and rows of plants.

It is important to clarify that when it comes tocut everythingit refers to realagricultural machinerywith two or four-stroke engines (from 4.7 up to 12.5 hp) and mechanical or hydrostatic transmission. Depending on the performance required, the price can fluctuate a lot. For a good model, the cost can range from € 1,000 to € 4,000. Also affected are the wheels and the braking head which can be fixed or floating, there is no shortage of models with grass guard to facilitate collection and models with safety brake. The cutting area varies from 50 to 75 cm.

Shredder for cutting the grass

We are talking about real machines that can reach speeds of 6 km / h. They are ideal for cutting the grass in orchards, vineyards and under the canopy of tree crops. The weight of the machine ranges from 100 to 300 kg.

The transmission can be given by two or more gears (2 forward gears + reverse, or 3 forward gears plus reverse or even 4 forward gears plus two reverse ...). It is clear that here the choice becomes more cumbersome: some models have independent steering clutches in oil bath that allow easier maneuvering (recommended given the weight), others are more difficult to handle. If on the one hand there areflail mowersindependent, with engine and transmission ad hoc, there are cheaper flail mowers that must be mounted on a walking tractor or tractor.

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