Schrödinger's cat: paradox

Schrödinger's cat: paradox

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Schrödinger's cat, the protagonist of a paradox that has to do with quantum mechanics. If we talk about the experiment of the Schrödinger's cat, however, you must not think of a poor cat abused, dissected, drugged or chained. No, it is a thought experiment, the result of the scientist's imagination Erwin Schrödinger who in 1935 he tried with this daydream to illustrate how interpreting a part of the quantum mechanics paradoxes could be encountered by acting in a macroscopic physical system. Like what we live in and where a hypothetical would live Schrödinger's cat.

Schrödinger's cat: paradox

This experiment popped up in Schrödinger's mind while another paradox was already causing discussion, that of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen, also called EPR. It was against the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum and against its authors, Bohr and Heisenberg.

According to this orthodox theory, two interacting physical systems they must be treated as a single system, described by a single quantum state, as if they were intertwined, therefore in an "entangled" state. This is why this theory is often referred to as "quantum entanglement ".

Schrödinger's cat: experiment

Following the orthodox theory it would seem that, by the superposition principle, if a system can be in two distinct states, it can also be in any of their linear combination, therefore there is a sort of interference phenomenon. This, if applied in a macroscopic world, can lead according to Schrödinger, to conclusions that are effectively paradoxical. The Schrödinger's cat is an example, many others could be invented. Let's see what it consists of.

I took a cat and put it in a steel box, let's subject it to the effect of a "hellish" machine with a Geiger counter that releases a tiny portion of radioactive substance. In an hour, the dose of substance is so little that we can think that perhaps one of the feline atoms could disintegrate, but it is not said. If so, the counter reports it.

After an hour, what do we have? If no atoms have disintegrated, the Schrödinger's Cat I'll be alive and well, and perhaps hungry, but if even atomic disintegration has occurred, he will be poisoned. If we see this situation as a function, it turns out that the live cat and the dead cat they are possible states, mixed with equal weight. Is the cat alive or dead? It can't be a little bit and a little bit!

Schrödinger's cat: explanation

To try to overcome this embarrassment in front of a dead and alive cat, zombie forces, the theory of quantum decoherence which states that quantum mechanical predictions are correct but that quantum effects cannot be observed in macroscopic objects because they are inevitably coupled with the environment external. Translated, for Schrödinger's cat, this animal will never really be isolated from the rest of the world so it cannot be seen as an isolated system to be translated into an equation.

Schrödinger's cat: book

To those who are fascinated by these paradoxes, like me, I suggest this book. “Einstein's dice and Schrödinger's cat”. Two brilliant minds grappling with the enigmas of contemporary physics "by Paul Halpern. A really well written volume that explores how Einstein and Schrödinger have sought to transcend the bizarre aspects of quanta, giving readers original insights into the history of physics.

Schrödinger's cat: t-shirt

For the most delightfully nerdy readers, and I put myself in this category too, here is it themed t-shirt, at 17 euros on Amazon, 100% Cotton.

Schrödinger's cat: phrases

To conclude, let's hear what Schrödinger thought while studying and imagined cats and how many. Here are three of his well-known sentences.

I don't like quantum mechanics, and I'm sorry I had to deal with it.

If these damned quantum leaps were to exist, I will regret being involved in quantum mechanics!

Right now I'm grappling with a new theory of the atom. Too bad he does not know mathematics sufficiently; but I'm pretty optimistic: if I can come up with this theory, it will be very beautiful.

To remember and quote them, not being short sentences, it will be necessary to do many exercises for memory

This paradox having a cat as its protagonist, has obviously attracted the curiosity of many, not only in the world of science. We also find dialogues taken from films that mention him as happens in Carpenter's “The Lord of Evil”.

- Do you know Schrödinger's theory of the cat?
- I know her. I know her.
- What's the point? It is that until the cat in the box is observed by someone, it is not in a definitive state, dead or alive. He is in an undulating state of superposition: alive and dead at the same time.
- Huh?
- Okay. Only when we open the box and observe the cat does he materialize into reality: he is either alive or dead.
- But it doesn't make sense!
- And this is precisely the heart of the matter! It doesn't make any common sense! Our common sense ranks at a subatomic level ...

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