White spots on the face

White spots on the face

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White spots on the face and skin, what they are and what are the remedies to eliminate them. They are commonly called millet grains and they can be very annoying if not treated properly.

White spots on the skin, what are they

THEwhite spots on the skinthey are wrongly calledwhite comedonesbut they have nothing to do with icomedones(i.e. with blackheads!), in fact, to eliminate them, it is not possible to use a deep scrub, detergents and even less, it is possible to crush them.

THEwhite spotsthey can appear on the face as well as on different areas of the skin. They are commonly calledmillet grainseven if their nametechnicalis milia.

What are? Smallepidermal cystswhich take on the appearance ofwhite spots1 - 3 millimeters in diameter, with a rough (so they are raised) and hard texture.

THEmillet grainsormiliathey are common in adults, children and the elderly, indeed, not even a newborn is immune to them. Babies and children are more exposed, as are those with delicate and fair skin.

Sometimes they appear isolated and at other times, however, they occur in multiple groups. But in essence,what are these white spots popping up on the skin?I'm aaccumulation of keratinlocalized. They can form on theface, as well as on the arms, hands or legs. They are very common especially around the eyes or nose.

White spots on the face and skin, how to get rid of them

The dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, very famous in the United States, gave some specific advice for thetreatment of white spots on the face and skinand, in particular, explainedhow to eliminate them.

First, unlike thecomedones(i.e. black dots), iwhite spots on the skinabsolutely not to be crushed or irritated. Forremove themit is necessary to perform more and more sessions of delicate exfoliation aimed at speeding up cell turnover. This way, our skin will get rid of excess keratin in a completely natural way.

The dermatologist recommends avoiding the use of very intensive scrubs, such as those used for comedones (to remove blackheads). Foreliminate white spots from the face and skin, it is better to take advantage of the exfoliating action of delicate substances such as glycolic acid and retinol, both compounds capable of assisting cell turnover and inducing the natural disappearance of the accumulations of keratin that cause those unsightly white spots(grains of millet or milia).

White spots on the face, remedies

As stated, the best remedies are those that facilitate cell turnover and promote the spontaneous removal of localized accumulations of keratin that make up thewhite spots.

Now the question arises:how long will it take to get rid of white spots?Before imillet grainsdisappear completely, you will have to wait three weeks to two months. It is true, the course is long, but if you carry out a more intensive scrub you can worsen the situation and cause skin inflammation.

To reduce waiting times andeliminate white spots from the faceit is possible to perform a gentle exfoliation every other day.

Toothpaste and baking soda can be helpful in getting rid ofmillet grains? No, because they carry out a too aggressive action that does not favor the re-epithelialization of the tissues or the detachment of excess keratin accumulated under the skin.

Exfoliating products to eliminate white spots on the face

American dermatologist Whitney Bowe, among the exfoliating products to use in case ofwhite spots on the face, he mentioned glycolic acid and retinol. Just buy a serum or exfoliant based on one of these substances.

Among the products on the market based on glycolic acid, I point out a good exfoliating serum that helps skin oxygenation and skin regeneration by freeing the pores of dead cells and promoting the elimination of keratin accumulations.

The serum in question is based on glycolic acid and can be bought on Amazon at a price of 17.98 euros and free shipping. It is enriched with collagen, always to promote skin epidermization. For all information, I refer you tothis Amazon pagededicated to the product.

Please Note: Our website has no connection with the manufacturer of the exfoliating serum reported. We only mentioned the product in order to make the text more complete and based on personal experiences. You can find other glycolic acid products on Amazon, so feel free to make your choice.

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