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Eat alone

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Eat alone, by duty, by choice, to reaffirm one's independence, to have no one who counts the calories of what we ingest. Eating alone can be enjoyable, too, and you do it more often than you think. We often see people in the movies eating alone and we don't judge them, but when it's our turn to do it ourselves, it can happen that a little discomfort arises. Because? And how to defeat him?

Eating alone: ​​psychology

There are more and more clubs and restaurants in which eating alone is easy, simple and normal. There is no longer much embarrassment to enter and ask for a table for one, especially during the lunch break. The message is finally getting through that people who eat alone should not be pitied at all, on the contrary, "better alone than badly accompanied" even if only for do not spoil the meal and digest it badly.

There are objective benefits to eating alone: it is not necessary to make conversation or wait for the other who is slower to finish. There are those who eat alone but with their mobile phones in hand, I recommend instead of look around, let your mind wander, enjoying the company of themselves, once in a while, and enjoying the flavors.

Eating alone in Milan

Let's see some places in Milan where eating alone can be more than pleasant, indeed, a vice to indulge at least once a month. TO Ramen house, in via Porro Lambertenghi, you can taste oriental soups with noodles, eggs, spring onion, pork and seaweed, in via Solferino 33, at Dry, the menu instead includes pizza but one of the unmissable ones.

At Giancarlo Morelli, in via Fioravanti, inside the Viu hotel, there is a curious "social table" for 8 people, where you can also sit alone and sharing a meal with seven strangers.

Eating alone: ​​children

If an adult can think of being ashamed, to eat alone, for a child, this is a great boast, an achievement. Discovering flavors, independently: WOW! Usually it proceeds in stages, with many small daily steps: from 6 and 10 months the child grasps food with his hands and usually spreads it on his face, from 10 to 15 months he learns to hold the spoon correctly, at 2 years he can eat almost all the meal alone and at 3 years he holds with he also dexterizes his fork at the table alone.

Eating alone: ​​recipes

The recipes for eat alone they are particularly tasty, they provide suitable quantities of food so as not to produce leftovers and cooking that is not too baked, to avoid wasting energy. In the curious book "Survival manual (in the kitchen).Recipes for sexually active metropolitan singles in their thirties”, Marco Colantuono and Valentina Santomo between the serious and the facetious give many tips for eating alone, even if you are not single but it just happens to us like this.

Eating alone: ​​kittens

Similarly to what happens for children, too for kittens, eating independently is an achievement to be proud of. The weaning times are different, of course, and we start from 40 days of life. The cat will want to try new flavors and you can offer him some wet food or specific treats in water, with the addition of homogenized chicken or veal. On the sixtieth day we should arrive attotal elimination of milk.

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