Dried flowers, how to dry them

Dried flowers, how to dry them

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Spring is upon us with its load of colors and scents of beautiful flowers. However, the pleasure that fresh flowers give is short. To preserve their beauty and scent, it is possible to use very quick and easy to implement drying techniques.

Among the main techniques for drying the flowers we recommend:

Air drying of the flowers: consists of placing the flowers upside down in a dry and airy environment, away from sources of heat and light. After four days, cover them with a sheen of hair spray.

This process is mainly used for spring herbs and also for drying the roses. An example of this is the photo by Anna De Simone, above. The photo shows a dried rose for three years, the drying took place in the open air and the lacquer was applied several times after days.

Drying of flowers on one floor: consists in spreading the flowers in a well spaced way on a cardboard surface or a wooden table. This procedure is used for drying flowers like lavender, pine cones and mosses.

Flowers drying in an upright position: it consists in placing the flowers, quite spaced apart, in a vase with water. The stems will gradually absorb the water avoiding the wrinkling of the leaves and the fading of colors due to dehydration.

This procedure is used for flowers like mimosas, heather and gypsophila.

Drying of the flowers on the grid: it consists in drying the flowers using a grid that allows you to insert the stem into the holes, so that the flower remains above the grid.

This procedure is used for dry the flowers that have a heavy top (bud). This technique is also useful for corn on the cob and thistles.

Drying of the flowers by pressing: it consists in crushing the flowers to be dried with a special press. In the absence of a press, the flowers can be left to dry under very heavy books, after having protected them with absorbent paper.

This procedure for drying the flowers, is used for those compositions that must be used for paintings, glasses or frames.

Drying of flowers with sand: consists of covering the bottom of a tin box with a layer of about 0.5 cm of sand. Then the flowers are placed on it, which in turn are covered with sand before closing the container. The time required for drying is about 3 weeks. A very effective substance for drying the leaves is glycerin. In this case it is necessary to clean the leaves well and leave them in water for a few hours. Then the leaves are covered with hot water together with glycerin and left to rest in a dark and dry place, until their color changes. Finally wash the leaves and let them dry on newsprint.

THE dried flowers they must be kept in cardboard boxes alternating with layers of tissue paper until the moment of use. In the case of delicate flowers such as roses, it is always advisable to wrap them first in newspaper or kitchen paper. Plastic bags are not recommended because they retain moisture. And here the fresh flowers will not be so indispensable.


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