Competition: the Municipalities of Open Air Tourism

Competition: the Municipalities of Open Air Tourism

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Which are the five Italian municipalities that best offer the opportunity to eco-sustainable tourism? The eleventh edition has started "The Municipalities of Open Air Tourism"To support the Administrations in the construction of new parking areas dedicated to campers and contribute to the strengthening of the national accommodation offer.

The announcement was created by APC (Caravan and Camper Producers Association), in collaboration with ANFIA, Anci, Associazione Città del Vino and Città Termali. The call is aimed at all Italian municipalities and includes five categories of participation: North, Center, South and Islands, Thermal Cities and Wine Cities. For each of the categories, a winner will be designated who will have presented the best project for the construction of a rest area.

The project that will stand out for its innovative scope, multifunctionality and quality of services will be awarded. Here are the requirements asked of the participants' projects:

  • Preparation of a rest area well connected to the urban area.
  • An adequate tourist and information activity on site.
  • Integration with the Municipality's network of services: guided tours, nature trails, sports complexes, hospitality services.
  • The use of alternative energy sources.
  • The provision of areas for separate collection (paper, glass, plastic, cans and organic).
  • Water and energy saving devices.

Camping is a tourist modality sustainable from an environmental point of view; precisely for this reason, the Association has introduced new eco-sustainable evaluation criteria in the call to decree the winning projects.

Up for grabs a contribution of 20,000 euros to the individual winning municipalities for the construction of the camper area that the Caravan and Camper Manufacturers Association will deliver: they will be awarded at the Parma Motorhome Show, which will take place in September.
To participate, just connect to the website and download the announcement together with the relative forms, viewing the regional regulations. The deadline is May 31, 2012 and the regulation established for the past edition is valid.

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