Kefir, beneficial properties

Kefir, beneficial properties

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The Kefir it is a drink that is obtained from the fermentation of milk, which can be from cow, sheep or goat, but also vegetable-based. Thanks to the high quantity of yeast strains, bacteria and various species of lactobacilli, lactococci and acetobacteria, which give it remarkable antibiotic properties, it is considered one of the most powerful and effective probiotic foods available, useful for regulating intestinal and digestive functions, but also to strengthen the immune system and prevent the settlement of germs in the digestive system.

The Kefir it also contains thiamine, vitamin B12, amino acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, vitamin K2 and is an excellent resource of biotin. The presence of mineral salts and amino acids depend on the milk originally used for the preparation.

Although it is a product made from milk, kefir is digestible even by those who are lactose intolerant; not only does it contain a small amount of it, but the probiotics present have lactase, the enzyme that promotes the assimilation of lactose in the intestine.

Kefir, beneficial properties
The digestive system is the one to have the greatest benefits from kefir; it is in fact able to restore the balance of the intestinal flora (useful function both to prevent constipation and after diarrhea), improve digestion and all those related disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux.
Regular intake of kefir also has benefits for liver health; the work is relieved if the intestine works at its best, in case of candida and cystitis and to strengthen the immune system.

Kefir, calorie content
As for the caloric content, a lot depends on the milk originally used for the preparation therefore 100 grams of kefir will have more or less calories depending on the liquid chosen:

  • sheep's milk kefir 108 kcal
  • goat's milk kefir 69 kcal
  • cow's milk kefir 68 kcal
  • soy kefir 45 kcal
  • water kefir 20 kcal

How to make kefir at home

  1. Add the kefiran grains to the selected milk, leaving it to ferment in a glass container on which the lid is only placed to allow the carbon dioxide to escape. The kefir must ferment in a protected place and preferably in the dark for 8 - 24 hours
  2. After hours of fermentation, filter the product so as to separate the whey from the grains which will then be used for a new production.

PLEASE NOTE: if you like prepare a water kefir or use vegetable milk, fermentation must be aided by adding nutrients for microorganisms. After fermentation for 24 hours, the drink must be filtered but the grains to be reused, compared to those of milk kefir, are more exploited.

Kefir-based recipes and its benefits

For the properties of kefir, its benefits on the body, the recipes and its applications in the field of natural cosmetics, I recommend the bookKefir. The leaven of health.

Kefir, where to buy it

You can find them in the best-stocked pharmacies or, if you are lucky, in shops specializing in the sale of natural products. The easiest way to buy kefir provides for the use of the web. Many sellers offer the purchase of live enzymes but since we do not know how shipments are handled, it is better to focus on dehydrated products to be activated at home. From this point of view I point out theKefir company bio starter culture. The product is offered on Amazon at a price of € 19.95 with free shipping costs and contains several bags of dehydrated enzymes ready to resume their activity once they come into contact with water or milk.

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