How to grow plants on the terrace

How to grow plants on the terrace

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To devote yourself to the art of gardening you do not need to have a garden, we can create our green space using small rooms such as the balcony and terrace. In this case, small targeted strategies will be needed to facilitate vegetation with garden flowers or perhaps with a small vegetable garden. But let's see in detail how to grow plants on the terrace, following some useful tips.

Grow terrace plants, which ones to choose
The most important aspect to consider is the climate and exposure. Is it a sunny enough terrace? The climate plays an important role, many plants fear frost. Is my terrace facing south? The south-facing terrace is ideal for growing most vegetables, even if the more delicate plants may suffer too much from constant sun exposure. The best exposure, therefore, is to the east where the sun beats in the morning or to the west where it beats in the afternoon.
For a flowering vegetation you can orient yourself on plants such as dwarf roses, camellias, rustic azaleas and rhododendrons, which are also very resistant to cold.
A good choice is then represented by climbing plants such as ivy or wisteria, making them grow vertically on walls or racks to create partitions or shelters from the wind. The garden plants that do not require special care are evergreen and perennial shrubs, which do not leave leaves and do not need to be periodically renewed. Aromatic plants should not be missing, such as basil, sage, rosemary, chives ... in general they should be placed in partial shade (never under direct sun) and watered regularly. You can even choose some fruit plants such as apple, plum, peach, medlar, preferably in dwarf varieties.

Grow terrace plants, the vegetable garden
Why not create a small garden on the terrace? Why not from the garden to your table, nothing healthier and healthier
Mini-sized eggplants and peppers, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, radishes, green and red leaf basil, radicchio, chard with colored ribs and fennel ... all are vegetables that can be grown on the balcony or terrace. Half a day of sun is enough and these vegetables will grow under your eyes in no time, giving you the first fruits of your work.

Grow terrace plants, the vases
Another important aspect in the cultivation of plants on the terrace are the pots that must be wide and at least half a meter high. Pay attention to the type of pot you choose, a plastic pot, for example, keeps the soil more humid than a terracotta one. These are important evaluations in consideration of watering which, in any case, must always be regular, paying attention to stagnant water. Many plants do not like water on the leaves, therefore limit yourself to watering only the soil.

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