Used cooking oil, what to do with it

Used cooking oil, what to do with it

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A used cooking oil it is a waste that, if dispersed into the environment, causes serious damage. Therefore we must not waste it. And you don't have to get rid of it down the sink or toilet. Today there are specialized companies that recover theused cooking oil (found on the Internet) and they use it to produce energy. From polluting waste to resource, just know it.

Currently in Italy the annual production of used cooking oil it is about 280 thousand tons, residual from cooking food and frying processes. 30% of this quantity is generated by restaurants, 20% by food and 50% by domestic users. Paying a little more attention at home could therefore save a lot of pollution.

How much a waste oil pollutes

If a used cooking oil reaches the wells of drinking water makes them unusable. In fact, we all know that an oil mixed with water alters its taste, making it undrinkable. When instead theexhausted oil reaches a surface water mirror, for example a lake or a pond, forms an impermeable film that prevents oxygenation, compromising the aquatic flora and fauna. Dispersed in the sea, it forms a veil that prevents the sun's rays from penetrating deeply with serious consequences for the marine environment.

One kilogram of used cooking oil enough to cover 1,000 square meters of any body of water. And duplicate the water contaminated by a exhausted oil, which is possible, it is a complex and very expensive operation.

It is estimated that if every year half a liter of used cooking oil less for each person, a center of 100,000 inhabitants could save around 25,000 euros. The potential savings projected on the entire national population would reach 15 million euros. Without considering the potential of reusing theexhausted oil for energy purposes.

Used oil for energy production

According to an EU Directive, the minimum quantity of biological raw materials on the fuel market must be progressively increased. The production of ecological fuel biodiesel derived from used oils it becomes more and more important accordingly. There are already motor vehicles, even airplanes, powered by used food oil.

The European Community also prescribes that the production of electricity must increasingly derive from renewable energy sources. The used oils recycled food they are a renewable energy source and lend themselves very well to the production of electricity in cogeneration plants.

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