Wireless LED light lamps

Wireless LED light lamps

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The wireless LED light lamps with low consumption, they are ideal for lighting events, receptions, banquets and parties both indoors and outdoors. They are beautiful and functional even at home, maybe like lighting secondary in moments of relaxation and to create pleasant atmospheres.

They can be placed anywhere because they are wireless, color and intensity of the light are adjustable with a remote control and some can float in the water creating suggestive scenarios.

In addition to being wireless, which is crucial, these lamps a LED light they consume little electricity, are recharged in a short time connected to the home network and have an autonomy of light of about 10 hours. The efficiency in terms of consumption in euros / available light is very high.

Eco-friendly weddings, a garden party, an evening with friends and moments of relaxation dedicated to oneself become more 'saving' because you can do without the main lighting that consumes much more. The environment lights up and the atmosphere warms up.

Furthermore the wireless LED light lamps children like them and are ideal for bringing a soft and colorful light to their bedroom in the evening. One of the things that the little ones like most is the multi-mode functionality, with which the lamps can be made to flash on command, fade off and on again and change color.

The wireless LED light lamps of Yegam, one of the first companies in Italy in the supply of hotels and hospitality, are built with largely recyclable materials. The minimum consumption of electricity makes them an accessory that is environmentally friendly and compatible with a healthy and cost-effective management of the home, but also with events based on bio catering.

The shapes. The wireless lamps that float in water are spherical, which is quite natural. For the home or for the table there are those in the shape of eggs, but also in the shape of a vase (inside you can put the flowers) or a sparkling wine (inside the bottle really fits).

Where to find them? Yegam lamps can be purchased online on Amazon, which is the simplest thing, with home delivery without shipping costs (costs are included in the price). You can do it directly below and… have fun.

Variable color wireless LED egg lamp

Sparkling wine LED wireless variable color

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