Active and Performance Line, the new Bosch eBikes

Active and Performance Line, the new Bosch eBikes

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The Stuttgart-based company is making headlines for its new system eBike. Sure, the Bosch is not a leader in the field of bicycles electric but in the components for eBike it is!

The German company has developed a technology capable of giving something extra to the world of eBike. There Bosch produces drive units, power supplies, battery chargers and systems for the control and monitoring of hardware systems and thus presents two jewels of pedal-assisted mobility.

In Europe, there are 50 companies producing eBike to take advantage of the signed components Bosch. The same BMW electric bike mounts enginesBosch 250 Watt as well as the Lapierre ovevolt mountain bike was equipped with a 400 watt motor and a signed battery pack Bosch.


There Bosch recently unveiled a new system for eBike which comes to life in two guises, the Acrive Line and the Performance Line; these are two new solutions of assisted pedaling suitable for the different styles and needs of the cyclist.

The Active Line is embodied in one electric bicycle designed for those who use theeBike every day, while the Performance Line is aimed at a more sporty audience: the electric bicycle it is dynamic, perfect for any type of terrain, light and performing.

From spring 2014, the system will arrive on the market - always developed by Bosch- Nyon, the first multifunctional on-board computer designed for eBikes and equipped with a navigation system, fitness functions and smartphone connection. The two electric bikes Active Line and Performance Line - the first in anthracite and the second in black - arrive on the market with a series of sensors and the Intuvia system.


Intuvia is the on-board computer, it is equipped with a large display that indicates speed, battery charge status, engine power and control panel for adjusting the ride levels for pedal assistance: there are five modes, eco , tour, sport, turbo and off. The computer is equipped with a USB connection to be able to charge smartphones and media players anywhere. Both electric bikes are equipped with 300-watt-hour and 400-watt-hour PowerPack lithium batteries for longer lasting pedaling support.

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