How to assemble a garbage disposal

How to assemble a garbage disposal

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How to assemble a garbage disposal: instructions, step by step, to operate theassembly of the garbage disposalwith thedo-it-yourself

Thegarbage disposal, also known aswaste disposerit is a household appliance now incorporated into the domestic environment of any American home. For some years it has also been spreading to the old continent and our country. THEgarbage disposalmake it possible to eliminate food waste in a more or less efficient way.

Inwaste disposeran electric propeller is housed which activates steel blades that deal with the grinding and shredding of food waste. Once reduced to a pulp, food waste is discharged into the siphoned well or into the drain column. It is clear that, if your pipes often clog up, this is not the case with install a garbage disposal! Beforemount the garbage disposalmake sure you have a properly sized piping system, avoid installation if your gray drains often get clogged!

What to throw in the garbage disposal

Inwaste disposerwe can insert most of the organic waste of food origin. What can be thrown into the garbage disposal?

  • food waste and leftovers
    - waste and leftover fruit and vegetables, raw or cooked
    - raw or cooked meat waste and leftovers
    - fish scraps and leftovers, including bones and heads
    - Small bones of animal origin
    - fruit and vegetable peels
    - waste from the centrifuge

Is the garbage disposal ecological?

It is not easy to answer this question. Food waste is organic waste and can be easily managed and converted into compost. The garbage disposal, to disperse food waste, requires water and electricity to operate the blades. Another factor to consider is the sewers: in some places in Italy, urban sewers would not be able to dispose of the organic waste of the inhabitants, even if shredded! Putting aside the environmental debate, let's see immediately how to install a garbage disposal.

How to mount a garbage disposal under the sink

In the article dedicated toSink waste shredderwe have seen that these devices can be mounted without the aid of a plumber. When purchasing the waste disposer, just make sure that the product sales package includes the fittings and installation kit with sink drain and other accessories. If they are not included in the purchase package, it will be possible to buy them separately both in online stores and in shops specializing in DIY and plumbing (such asLeroy Merlin).

Before following the instructions, close thewater key so as to interrupt the water supply to your users. The garbage disposal must be mounted under the sink and will act as a connection between the sink and the drain. That said, before starting with the assembly of the garbage disposalit is necessary to remove the drain hose that is under the sink.

Instructions for install the waste disposer under the sink:

  1. Replace the drain in the sink
    Remove the sink drain (the hole where the water ends up!) Which is too small to accommodate food waste and replace it with the one compatible with the garbage disposal. This drain is much more spacious and in some cases it may be necessary to purchase a separate cutlery-saving accessory to rest on the entrance hole of the drain itself.
  2. Mount the ring nut under the sink
    Move under the sink and continue with the assembly of the drain by mounting the appropriate ring nut and secure it with the safety screws. After mounting the ring nut, place the garbage disposal.
  3. Mount the garbage disposal
    Work again under the sink after placing thegarbage disposal, you just need to exert an upward pressure to insert the waste into the drain and house it with an interlocking system. Generally igarbage disposalthey have a fixing flange around the manifold that must be closed with a quick hook.
  4. Mount the sleeve
    Keep working under the sink. Connect the garbage disposal to the main water supply pipe, at this stage you will have to use the sleeve supplied. For greater ease, you can use a hose.
  5. Electrical connection
    Insert the power plug of thegarbage disposalin a socket controlled by a switch so as to be able to control the garbage disposal with an on / off switch.

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