Oak parquet, prices and types

Oak parquet, prices and types

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TheOak parquetit is famous for the many shades of color that can be even more personalized with more or less refined finishes and workmanship. The veins of theoak, with theparquet, are further enhanced with particular processes such as brushing and hand planing enriched, possibly, with multiplewhiteningor effect colors.

Theoak parquet, in its natural state, it has a very light color which, with time and exposure to light, tends to take on the particular colorstraw yellow. Many manufacturers proposeoak parquetmade with color finishes such as ivory, ice, sand, decapé, bleached, white… the oak parquetit can also have darker finishes such as marc, ilaged oak parquetor leather, black oak, naturalized oak and so on. In short, theoak parquetit is a classic choice that finds application (based on the finish and workmanship) in any style of furniture.

Oak parquet - Prices

Prices vary a lot according to the type ofparquet. As we have already explained to you in the articleHow to choose the parquet, there are several types ofparquet:the most expensive is traditional solid parquet, also called solid or noble parquet, up to cheaper parquet such as laminates. The price does not depend only on the type ofparquetbut also from the finish.

A flooring inpre-finished oak parquet *with painted finish and black brushed surface, with a total thickness of 14 mm, it is proposed for 32.93 euros per square meter. The price drops to 21 euros if the same product is chosen with a thickness of 10.5 mm. Always talking aboutpre-finished parquet, prices go up to 95 euros per square meter if we choose a particular finish such as oiled and waxed with the surface layer inwhite oak.

The price gives aoak laminate parquetdrops to 11.99 euros per square meter.

The highest prices are raised for special finishes for solid oak parquet, which is usually available in 9, 15, 18 and 20 mm thicknesses.

To get a better idea of ​​how much your new oak floor will cost you, you can take a look at the prices of oak parquet on Amazon.

* Pre-finished or supported parquet
The pre-finished or supported parquet is that parquet structured in two or three layers where only the surface layer is given by noble wood, solid wood, the lower layers are equally in wood but only act as a support. It is a practical middle ground between the more expensive solid parquet and the artificial laminate parquet.

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