Energy saves the Third World, the example of Tanzania

Energy saves the Third World, the example of Tanzania

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L'geothermal energy is spreading like wildfire so much that the Tanzania will have its 100 MW plant, operational by 2016. Thegeothermal energy is more constant than the alternative energy sources currently available, especially in countries such as Tanzania: here the electricity needs are met byhydroelectric energy and with the decrease in rains, there were energy shortages throughout the country. This is why the country is aiming for a more balanced and stable energy mix, and an increase in national electricity demand is also expected.

In Tanzania a geothermal potential of about 650 MW has been estimated, the supply will start from the southern region, near Mbeya. A rural electrification plan was already completed last May with the setting up of a geothermal power plant 1.6 MW. One has been identified near the Ngozi volcano source geothermal of 100 MW, this is where the plant should be built. Mbeya is a city of 280,000 inhabitants but this name indicates an even wider region that includes two million inhabitants.

L'geothermal energy it is not a source of energy "intermittent", It's not like thesolar power or that wind power which face peaks based on the greatest irradiation or the strongest blowing winds. Set up a geothermal system it means having a reliable and cheap energy source, a crucial factor for the development of the Mbeya region and for the reduction of poverty in Tanzania.

The geothermal potential is an excellent opportunity for Third World countries and with an initial economic investment, the area ensures an advantage for economic development and the fight against poverty. Programs of this kind are being launched in places such as Kenya and the European Union to combat poverty has made a "energy bridge with Uganda ".

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