Sky Green Farm, vertical cultivation

Sky Green Farm, vertical cultivation

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In the same measure in which urban areas are born, the arable areas, making it increasingly difficult to find space to grow fruit and vegetables. In Singapore, attempts are being made to remedy this problem thanks to an innovative technological system that exploits space in height. This is the "Sky Green Farm“, A vertical farm used for production of vegetables for commercial production. A solution that could prove to be decisive given that only 7% of the vegetables consumed in Singapore are local due to the strong lack of arable fields available.

Now the 120 aluminum towers, all 9 meters high, on which vegetables are grown to satisfy the city market, at a rate of half a ton every 24 hours. Wanting to make a conversion into a land extension the cultivated vegetables they would cover an area of ​​3.65 hectares.

The premises are encouraging: even if i agricultural products of the urban farm have an estimated cost of between 10 and 20 cents compared to other vegetables commonly sold in supermarkets, consumers seem to really appreciate the possibility of buying fresh foods locally produced. The higher cost of vegetables grown on the towers is unfortunately due to the high expenditure of energy: just think of the lamps that are used to facilitate the ripening of the vegetables, the lights and the irrigation system that must go up and down the shelves.

The property, located in the district of Lim Chu Kang, in the coming months it will be expanded to reach the quota of 300 towers, so as to bring the production of vegetables produced per day to at least 2 tons and also lower their price on the market. Another 21 million dollars will be needed to expand the "Sky Green Farm”And the conditions are there, given that the vertical farm was very popular with the Japanese public. This is confirmed by all the vegetables that were sold even before the official opening.

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