CSA Platinum increases biomass efficiency

CSA Platinum increases biomass efficiency

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Under the new Italian regulations, the managers of biogas production plants they need to use every kilowatt hour more and more efficiently, avoiding the long periods in which the plants are not in operation. Fromefficiency of biogas plants depends on the assignment of incentives from the Energy Account: the greater the number of hours of activity of thebiomass plant, the higher the incentives from the Energy Account.

Unfortunately a biogas plant it requires some scheduled maintenance where periods of inactivity occur. It is in this context that the program presents itself GE's CSA Platinum covering i gas engines fueled by methane produced by the anaerobic fermentation of biomass such as manure, corn and grass. The GE's CSA Platinum is a program that significantly reduces downtime by covering a life of 120,000 service hours. Italian farms that have Jenbacher gas engines will be eligible for the program CSA Platinum and will be able to receive incentives from the Energy Account for a greater number of operating hours.

The service offered by GE was born for Jenbacher gas engines and is particularly suited to the program of incentives for biomass in force in Italy. In addition to the obvious convenience from the point of view of Energy bill, CSA Platinum allows a reduced environmental impact thanks to less fuel waste and greater reliability of gas engines. A tangible example is reported by a 'farm of Southern Tuscany. There Magliano Centro estate, a simple agricultural society that exploits biomass.

"Our plant uses about 2.5 tons of biomass per hour ", reported Dr. Luigi Vivarelli Colonna, owner and manager of the Magliano estate. “During a period of inactivity we lose 50% of biomass as it is impossible to simply block the fermentation process of biogas. The CSA Platinum program will reduce the disruption by as much as 2,000 hours over the fifteen-year duration of the agreement, compared to a standard contract, which is equivalent to a saving of 2,700 tons of biomass and to a forecast of higher profit equal to about 600,000 euros ".

The Energy bill, with his incentives, encourages the production of energy through resources that make the country less dependent on fossil fuels. The Italian farms that produce energy from biomass and have Jenbacher gas engines, will be eligible for the CSA Platinum program and benefit from incentives. The biogas engine used at the Magliano estate has over 3,000 operating service hours with a electricity production from biomass of 999 kilowatts. Italian farms should exploit these innovative solutions in order to optimize the use of resources and maximize profits.

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