How to dismantle eternity

L'asbestos, nicknamed "the Silent Killer", has been banned for twenty years already. If you need dismantle eternit, the first thing to do is contact the municipality of residence to find out if there are any incentives premises for remediation. At national level there are incentives linked to the diffusion of renewable sources, the so-called "Bonus Eternit"; in this case, the user can dismantle eternity and install a photovoltaic roof by receiving a economic subsidy.

How to dismantle eternity. When you can do without it
It is not always necessary dismantle eternity, in fact, if this is in good condition, treatments could be implemented by leaving it on site. The treatment consists of adding encapsulations with special resins. To decide if theasbestos can be encapsulated, it is the ARPAC or ASL of competence.

L'asbestos was banned in Italy in 1992, before that year, Italy was among the largest producers of asbestos. The problem of Italy is that there are no adequate facilities for disposal and for this reason, the citizen, at the time of reclamation, must also bear the costs for transport: 75% of the asbestos dismantled in Italy is disposed of abroad. , in plants in Northern Europe. Thus, to dispose of an asbestos container of medium-large size water, the cost is 800 - 1000 euros. A high figure but it must be remembered that today, in Italy, there are still 2,000 deaths a year related toasbestos.

In Italy the CNR has estimated a quantity of 32 tons of asbestos. In homes theasbestos it is present in the form of a roof covering (reddish colored asbestos) but it can also be found inside the old flues, in the walls in the form of insulation, as a constituent of the water containers or pipes themselves.

How to dismantle eternity. When it is necessary
For dismantle eternity you must have the authorization of the municipality of residence. If for the dismantling there are numerous safety measures to be taken while for the disposal it will be necessary to rely on a specialized company. At this address you can find some useful tips for dismantle eternity. During the work and when you are in contact with theeternity, it is always necessary to use a suit, mask and gloves which, after exposure, must be thrown away in the waste containing asbestos.

How to dismantle eternity. Things not to do

  • We must not entrust theeternity to non-certified companies
  • It is absolutely forbidden to disperse asbestos into the environment

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