Hivejobs: ICT recruiting is inspired by bees

Hivejobs: ICT recruiting is inspired by bees

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No physical offices for Hivejobs and a network of recruiters, the HiveScout, specialists in the job that is offered or sought. All online, from research to selection, thanks to a technological platform that redesigns the personnel selection and reset geographical distances. It is certainly green - a term that identifies the dynamics of an evolved society - the project to facilitate the meeting between supply and demand of work, the idea of ​​doing it in an innovative - and courageous - way through a technological start-up is even greener ( Italian) that makes the Internet its enabling factor. Green also the idea of ​​being inspired by the beehive - hive - to introduce themselves to the market.

It was born to be smart Hivejobs, an unconventional online recruiting company, which introduces a highly innovative system to the vast Italian panorama of personnel research and selection based on a new method of crowd-recruiting. The offer is aimed at both talent seekers and job seekers, combining an online operating platform and the use of specialized professionals (the HiveScout), coming from the same sector as the candidates.

Hivejobs was founded in December 2011 in Castel Maggiore (BO) - but has been operational at national level since July 2012 - on the initiative of Alessandro Raguseo is Daniele Bacchi, managers from Obiettivo Lavoro, who, thanks to their experience in the field, have literally redesigned the personnel selection process: the business model is based onabsence of a physical network of offices and on a selection structure that is activated exclusively on mandate.

The effect produced by the optimization of the production costs of the service, which are lower than other operators in the sector, offers obvious advantages for customers. The process of "tailor-made" recruiting and hence the idea of ​​associating one's brand with the image of the hive (in English, hive) - which provides for the offer of highly specialized and competitive services in economic terms.

The novelty of this new approach to recruiting is substantiated mainly in its actors, recruiters or HiveScout: professionals who hold positions of responsibility in other companies and who put their know-how and experience at the service of Hivejobs to promptly and quickly assess the technical skills of candidates through short online interviews. They are professionals, with several years of work experience in the same sector as the candidates and a good attitude to evaluation.

In this first phase of starting the activities, Hivejobs caters to the Italian market ofInformation Communications Technology, supporting companies in the search for professionals capable of supporting the growth ofdigital enterprise, to then come to cover new sectors such as Finance, Engineering and Medical by 2013.

The undoubted strength of Hivejobs is its innovative business model and the development of a proprietary technological infrastructure, which offers it the ability to provide services globally, without geographical limitations. In fact, the start-up phase has been completed Hivejobs aims to expand its business first in Europe and later in the world.


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