Filotruck, sustainability with heavy vehicles

Filotruck, sustainability with heavy vehicles

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On the front of the sustainable mobility much is being done, however, the many trucks that circulate on the roads all over the world make this concept almost nil. Finally something eco friendly it is starting to move on the roads that heavy vehicles run! There Siemens is finalizing a project that will allow trucks to become hybrids. It will be possible to take advantage not only of the heat engine but also of electricity to cover the pre-established routes.

How will the combination of thermal and electric engines be possible?
Thanks to a latest generation pantograph, trucks will be able to take advantage of an auxiliary electrical power supply, which can be used in suitable and specially designed routes for connection to the network. The system Siemens it would not invalidate daily traffic: the innovative connection has been tailor-made for trucks, which can easily adapt to the chosen road circuit.

On the routes where the trucks will meet the appropriate distribution network, they will connect and travel in electric mode. On the other hand, when the route that they must continue to travel to reach the preset destination no longer has the overhead electricity network, the vehicle can lower the supports that connect the vehicle to the electricity distribution network, and proceed with the heat engine.

The name coined for the project by the German company Siemens it should be "FilotruckAnd was previously presented at the Los Angeles Electric Vehicle Symposium.
The system is currently being tested in Germany, but a section of eHighway, i.e. electric highway. Further tests are expected to begin in California by the end of the year, with electrified stretches in the port areas of Los Angeles and San Diego. It will be a matter of little, the word trolleybus will be joined to the word Filotruck in the dictionary as same concept of transport.

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