Wind power

Offshore wind, the direction of the USA

L'offshore wind energy US has an economic potential of 200 billion dollars. With the preparation of offshore plants along the American coasts an electrical capacity of 1,300 gigawatts could be realized (click here for estimates).

After these estimates it will not be difficult for us to think that Boston and New York can be powered exclusively by clean energy derived fromoffshore wind. Unlike on land where the strongest wind blows during the early hours of the morning, with theoffshore the greatest wind capacity occurs in the late afternoon, just when citizens need electricity most.

This is just one of the many reasons why scientists at Stanford University think that theoffshore it is an unmissable resource.

The east coast of the United States could annually produce 965 to 1,372 terawatt hours of electricity per year. Enough quantity to satisfy the energy requirements of a third of the USA (Stanford University report).

The biggest concerns concern the choice of installation sites for offshore wind turbines. The ideal would be to aim for floating wind turbines but, the development costs for a offshore wind farm exceed two or three times the cost of developing a wind farm to the ground.

The study published by Stanford University lays the foundation for the programming and development of offshore wind farms of large dimensions connected to the electrical network by cables installed in the sandy substrate. Thanks to the strategic positions there would be no need to build transmission lines that can generate various disputes on land.

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