How to fix shoes

How to fix shoes

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There shoe repair is back in fashion and the environment gains! Worn shoes do not end up in the garbage but at the shoemaker. For example, if the sole is unstuck, it is better to use a specific glue and a little manpower in order to obtain new shoes as if just removed from the box.

Sometimes problems may arise with the sole which, once unglued, makes the shoe unbreakable. At this point you can decide to bring the shoe by the shoemaker who will fix it with special forms, or fix shoes with an operation do-it-yourself! It is absolutely not recommended to throw away your shoes for such a problem.

Which glue to use to fix shoes?
When the sole and the upper are in leather or leather, the perfect glue is the “bostick” type. Other glues such as superattak or vinavil can give a temporary or even zero result. The bostick type glue should be spread on both surfaces, wait a few minutes for the glue to dry and then join the two edges. The shoemakers using the appropriate forms, for fix shoes at home you can use a clamp or simply a chair: take the shoe and place it under one of the four legs of the chair or table. The weight of the table will act as a "press" and the two edges will adhere.

When its wing is made of rubber or other synthetic materials, one could think of sewing it up with a needle and thread so as to have a long-term result. The bostick type glues only work for short periods therefore they are more suitable for boat glues or liquid rubber even if the most far-sighted solution is the seam!

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