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Air, common good

Air, common good

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The fine dust are now a big problem for the health of Italian citizens, especially for the Po Valley where the smog has deprived the citizens of Cremona and Verona up to two months of breathable air compared to 2010. In this dramatic scenario it is necessary to act and to do it quickly: this is how "Air, common good", the event to be held in Cremona on 7 July.

Water, Air and Food are primary goods because they allow Life. L'Air which can be breathed in the Po Valley, as well as in many other cities in Italy, has become a threat to the health of the inhabitants. The air that should allow us life is saturated with smog and threatening "fine dust". During the first two months of 2012, as many as 26 overruns of the "alarm level" of the fine dust with 75 µg / m3. A maximum of 35 overruns of the alarm level; it is clear that if by the end of February 2012 the quota had already reached 26, by making a projection, within a year we could speak of overrun of the alarm level of the fine dust 156 times, compared to 35 allowed. A figure that does not differ much from the surveys made during 2011 given that in the month of December alone there were 16 overruns of the alarm level of 75 µg / m3.

As stated in the dossier "Mal’Aria di città 2012
"In some cities, smog has deprived citizens of up to two months of breathable air compared to 2010, as happened in Cremona and Verona, coincidentally two cities in the Po Valley area, which once again confirms itself as the most critical area , an area where only six cities are saved from fine dust. "

L'Air that we breathe can seriously harm our health. This is why the world of environmentalism starts a fight in the name of "Air, common good. A civil battle for civilization and democracy ". It is time to find the most effective ways to induce political forces and institutions to seriously address the problem of smog.

So on 7 July in Cremona, at the Palazzo Cattaneo Ala Ponzone, in Via Oscasali 3, a debate will be held by the Assembly to draw up a manifesto and a action plan so that the Smog problem can be recognized and finally treated with due urgency. The event will open at 9.30 with the registration of attendance. This will be followed by presentations and a Round Table on the theme ofair pollution and health.

In the front row there will be some sort of General states of the environmentalist associations of the Po valley with the Cremonese associations: Acli - Arci - "AmbienteScienze" cultural circle - Committee the Grande Nonna Quercia Mina the Terzo Ponte - Committee No south road - Committee no highway CR -MN - Coordination of Lombardy Environmental Committees - Coordination "CreaFuturo" - FIAB Biciclettando - Short Solidarity Chain - Italia Nostra - Legambiente - LIGHTS: Urban Laboratory of Civic Initiative - “Beyond the mirror” Cremona Women's Network “If not now when?” - Let's save the landscape - Slow Food - UNA: Man Nature Animals - Vescovato change together - WWF.

To fully understand the drama of the situation atmospheric we recommend reading this document in pdf.

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