Organic food

Organic milk

Milk is a major source of calcium. Vegetarians who love an ethical diet and all those who prefer "eat well ", they can choose the organic milk, perhaps coming from non-intensive farms.

Properties of milk

  • Milk helps regulate healthy muscle development.
  • Milk promotes the blood clotting process.
  • Milk contributes to the development of bones and teeth and provides the energy needed for physical activities.

Why drink organic milk
The organic milk presents an added value not only for the absence of harmful substances, but also for better nutritional quality. The proteins of the organic milk, represented by 80% of casein and 20% of lactalbumin, ensure a third of the average daily requirement.

The organic milk it is also characterized by the contribution of vitamins of high biological quality: it contains on average 50% more vitamin E than the traditional one and also 75% more beta carotene. Furthermore, the organic milk it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, substances that play a fundamental role in the correct development of the brain (intellectual qualities) and of the retina (visual acuity) from the first years of life.

The organic milk and its derivatives contain considerable quantities of calcium and the calcium contained in milk is particularly easy to absorb and use, unlike that present in certain vegetable products, particularly cereals. Phosphorus is another important mineral found in organic milk. It performs many functions and among these that of building and maintaining bones and teeth.

Beneficial effects on allergies
Milk intake e organic dairy products on the part of mothers, it results in the production of breast milk which provides babies with some protection, if not immunity against allergenic substances, breathing difficulties and the onset of eczema. This both in the intrauterine phase and in breastfeeding.
For all these characteristics, a group of British scientists has urged the health authorities of Great Britain to officially declare the nutritional superiority of the organic milk.

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