Recycled aluminum, a resource for Italy

Italy is on the podium in terms of aluminum recycling which is a major economic resource for our country, creating jobs in the market recycling. The aluminum recycling sees Italy third in the world, after giants such as Japan and the United States and first in Europe with a national production of aluminum 80% recycled (only 20% from primary product).

Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics,aluminum it is ideal for the production of packaging: it is light, resistant to shocks and corrosion, good thermal conductor, it is non-toxic and, above all, it is recyclable endlessly. It is totally recovered so that about 80% ofaluminum in circulation in Italy comes from recycling of packaging. Cans, jars, tubes, boxes, thin sheets to package the food, are collected, selected on the sorting platforms, melted and liquefied to be finally transformed into ingots. Like gold, only to be sold.

A first pass at 500 degrees eliminates the residual part given by waste of substances other thanaluminum, while at 700 degrees melting takes place. There is a considerable export of these ingots: German car companies make large purchases of them for the production of components for their vehicles. Today many car manufacturers use this precious material 100% for chassis and bodywork. The applications of this versatile metal are endless.

The figures of the aluminum recycling.
To make a bicycle, 800 cans are needed. For a three-cup mocha coffee maker 37. All the coffee makers produced in Italy, about 7 million every year, are made of recycled aluminum.
640 is needed for a car rim, while three are enough for a pair of glasses. The collection of packaging in aluminum translates into large figures: the Consortium's Board of Directors (over 370 operators, 170 platforms, fifteen foundries throughout the country that guarantee collection, treatment and recycling) awarded in 2011 the Municipalities that distinguished themselves with 400 thousand euros for the best performances, that is to say, the municipalities of Milan, Asti, Pordenone, Padua, Chieti, Benevento, Salerno, Lecce and Sassari, the model cities.

The impact of the aluminum recycling on the national economy and the environment.
Economically recycle aluminum it not only creates jobs but is a particularly important activity for Italy, historically lacking in raw materials. It also has a strong positive impact on the environment: 95% of energy is saved (compared to the same amount obtained from material extracted from quarries). The recycling of 46,500 tons of packaging in aluminum they mean 371 thousand tons of CO2 saved. The net cut in greenhouse gas emissions is dictated by the non-use of the 160 thousand tons of oil that would have been used in the absence of recycling. There is an Italy in crisis and there is an Italy that produces, so we recycle, we recycle, we recycle.

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