Solar panels and solar thermal

Solar panels and solar thermal

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It is paradoxical but also i solar panels cause a lot of energy waste. How? They do not fully exploit the potential offered bysolar power. To help the photovoltaic systems CSP technology with solar concentration system arrives.

We are in the height of summer, it is a sultry afternoon and i solar panels installed on the roofs begin to skip. The lower corners are no longer illuminated by the sun which is about to set, a poplar creates a shaded area and so does ours photovoltaic system ends its daily efficiency. What do we do? Do we turn off the air conditioning and listen to our ecological awareness, or are we unable to give up comfort and take advantage of the polluting electricity from coal sources?

In the West, peaks in electricity demand are reached in the time slot 16:00 - 8:00. It is fortunate that the sun shines high during many of these hours. In summer, people need air conditioning even during dinner hours and after, as well as in winter, the same people need heating. Without forgetting the various appliances for daily use, lights, TVs and computers. The only ones solar panels as the sun goes down, they tend to lose their efficiency; a "solar concentrating system"(CSP) operating with a thermal accumulation and I help the work ofphotovoltaic system domestic.

THE photovoltaic panels they convert the photons of the sun directly into electrons for electricity. They are widespread on the roofs of buildings in America, Europe and Asia and technology CSP could give the industry a big boost photovoltaic. CPS technology uses the waste of the sun to reflect and concentrate the light power on special receivers that accumulate it in the form of heat. Such thermal energy it can be used to drive a steam turbine and produce electricity for the home.

Like Edison and Tesla or Dempsey and Tunney, conventional solar energy and solar thermal they are technologies that target a specific market. They have individual dreams, their market shares, their stocks and most of all their niche! But this scenario must change, the two technologies must begin to cooperate and the CSP system could be the link between the solar panels most widespread and thesolar thermal energy.

Unlike thesolar energy, where photons are converted into electrons. The solar thermal, exploits the heat, therefore it accumulates energy that can only subsequently be fed into the electricity grid of the city or of one's home. In this way, thesolar power it can be exploited even if it does not operate in relation to the peaks of the daily electricity requirement.

L'solar power with the photovoltaic it can be compared to a roller coaster, a roller coaster of energy peaks and flat calm. CSP technology, through the storage of thermal energy it could be compared to a locomotive that follows a path only slightly undulating.

THE photovoltaic panels as well as wind turbines, they make a good contribution to the electricity grid but without the ability to store the energy produced, none renewable energy it can provide the electricity grid with considerable and lasting help. Both supports cease when the sun goes down and the wind subsides; but even when the sun goes down and the wind doesn't blow the city keeps moving and keeps asking electricity.

The key lies in greater market flexibility. The cost of the photovoltaic is falling is this is great for spreading solar panels, but CSP technology has the advantage of being able to store the collected energy, therefore, paired with solar panels, the improvement of both technologies would be tangible. The ability to store energy, if implemented with solar panels, will undoubtedly raise the price of photovoltaics, but the ability to store energy with the CSP can further amortize the cost of the system.

The solar systems have the ability to store energy in batteries, but at least for now, this approach is quite expensive. CSP could help renewable sources and make them buy more power on the electricity grid. Currently, CSP technology is exploited in desert areas and in southern Spain to complete market surveys. We can only hope for positive results to achieve concrete flexibility in the market for renewable.

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