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Energy saving lamps

Energy saving lamps

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It sounds trivial but a light bulb can really make a difference. It's the small gestures that make the difference, just think that using the so-called "slippers", multiple sockets for electricity, you will encounter a big energy saving which translated in economic terms, will allow you to save more than 60 euros per year.

That of the "slippers"Is just an example, there are many ways to save electricity, among these, the main one, probably, is the adoption of an energy-efficient lighting system.

Who this 2012 but also the past years, has followed Sanremo, knows what I'm talking about. I am referring to the Beghelli energy-efficient lamps that consume over 80% less than a conventional light bulb and that offer luminous performance and longer life. For save on your bill electric, just replace the classic incandescent bulbs, which are now also out of the market, with low environmental impact bulbs.

Beghelli, in addition to being the official sponsor of Sanremo, it is an Italian company that has been operating since 1982 in the safety and work sector. Obviously, Beghelli low consumption lamps are not the only ones high energy efficiency on the market but what we invite you to do is a simple comparison! The most common light bulbs in the house are 30 watts, bulbs of the same cut and the same brightness, with the technology high efficiency, they consume only 4 watts and guarantee the same light intensity. Excellent performance is also offered by the a line energy saving of Philiphs.

The energy saving lamps they last a lifetime, even if at first the price may seem excessive - the high performance beghelli line starts at a price of about 9 euros - the price will soon return with savings in the bill and duration of the device. Any well-stocked electronics store can offer you a wide choice of energy saving lamps, to understand which one to buy, take a look at the price, but compare three parameters: duration, guaranteed light intensity and power in watts. Purchase the bulb that will give you the best value so you will be sure of save on your bill electric!

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