How to do underwater fishing

How to do underwater fishing

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How to do underwater fishing: tips to start thespearfishing in apnea or with cylinders. Useful equipment and indications for beginners.

It is not easy to write a guide onhow to do underwater fishingbecause everyone has their own wealth of experience and in this sector we are all a bitbeginners!

There is always a lot to learn fromnight underwater fishing(or at dawn, because fishing at night is forbidden) to shallow bottom techniques, from tricks to locate fish burrows to the most performing equipment ...! On this page I will focus on the basic principles to start practicing underwater fishing with the assumption that you already know how to dive in apnea (see how to do apnea) or, if you intend to do underwater fishing with scuba tanks, know that it is forbidden to fish with the ARA or other self-breathing systems ... therefore thespearfishingit is the only solution left to you.

Underwater fishing: rules to be respected

To make underwater fishing safe, I recommend that you check with the harbor master of your area: some regions and localities have specific regulations. In all cases it is always mandatory:

  • use the rifle only in water, including loading and unloading.
  • Use the special buoy with the flag.
  • Fishing far from beaches, bathing establishments, ports, docks ...
  • Fish away from protected marine areas.
  • Respect the maximum fishing limits both in terms of number and minimum size.
  • Have a sport fishing permit

Then there are safety rules that are not imposed by law but by common sense: better if you go fishing with a friend and never alone! In oneapneaand the other, you should take a rest and breathing pause equal to double the time you took during the last dive ... When diving, avoid having ropes or other equipment that could easily get caught on the bottom ... including the buoy line which should be connected to the rifle or to the ballast, easier to handle while on the move.

Spearfishing equipment

Let's start with the wetsuit, which is essential to preserve body heat. I remind you that if you are cold, you should avoid free diving.

The wetsuits for those who wantpractice underwater fishingthey are usually in two pieces (without zip) and of suitable colors to allow you to blend in on the backdrop.

The thickness of the suit should be chosen based on the water temperature and the degree of tolerance to cold. In summer it is possible to dive and fish with a 3 mm wetsuit, while if the water is below 22 ° C, the 5 mm wetsuit is the most suitable. I repeat that these are indicative suggestions ... I must admit that I often use the 5 mm wetsuit even in the height of summer! The 7 mm wetsuit is mainly used in winter with additional protective under-wetsuits when temperatures are colder.

To start, we generally recommend the use of a wetsuit lined on the outside, as it is more resistant. Even inside, the wetsuits can have peculiarities: they can be smooth, split or lined. The lined wetsuit is more practical but also harder ... it also insulates less from the cold. A smooth inner wetsuit, on the other hand, adheres better to the body and preserves heat.

How to wear the wetsuit?

They generally tell you that you shouldn't use soap and water for the lining ... however, I assure you that the use of soap and water is very useful in all cases. Alternatively, you can put plastic bags on your feet and wear the wetsuit by removing the plastic bags from the bottom, only when you have put on the wetsuit ... the same goes for the arms! Generally, to get the suit on more easily it is advisable to wet it.

Not only wetsuits, but also ballasts (of weights) that you have to choose according to your body weight and according to depth, diving times and type of fishing.

In summary, the equipment needed to practice underwater fishing includes:

  • Mute
  • Ballast / weights
  • Mask and tube (readhow to choose the diving mask)
  • Buoy
  • Fins
  • Torch
  • Rifle

How to do underwater fishing

After seeing some of the basic rules, let's move on to practice. Those who are beginners will probably tend to dive and make hasty movements: during theapnea, to increase the time spent underwater, it is always advisable to make slow movements not only to not scare potential prey but also to be able to hold the breath longer by investing better the oxygen available obtained from the last inspiration before the 'immersion.

Forstart spearfishingyou can take advantage of the simplest fishing technique - in my opinion -, that is, "den" fishing. Basically you have to sift through any crevice of the seabed so as to see your prey and surprise it "safe" in its lair.

In thistechniqueyou will have to use a short rifle (armed with a harpoon or taithian, although the most common is the harpoon, from 3 to 5 points). I remind you that allspearfishing riflesthey shoot a steel arrow whose length is proportionate to the size of the rifle. Taithian rifles have a single arrow.

The most sought after fish with theunderwater fishing technique of catching in the denthey are the grouper (I remind you that you can only catch one per line), the moray eel, the sea bream, the bream, the corvina and the conger. In this case, the use of a good flashlight is essential.

You can buy an excellent diving torch on Amazon at a price of 17.99 euros (free shipping costs) ... I would like to point it out because it is generally offered in stores for about 30 euros of the same intensity. For all the information, I refer you to the Amazon page: “torch for divers“.

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