Great Swiss Mountain Dog: character and price

Great Swiss Mountain Dog: character and price

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Great Swiss Mountain Dog, to be imagined as a sort of large version of an already great one Bernese Mountain Dog. They are not identical, but very similar, and this breed is really very large but tremendously good.

It is the most massive of all four Swiss cattle dogs and is distinguished from the Bernese both in character, as we shall see, and because it has a short-haired coat and weighs at least ten kg more. We are in Switzerland, so the name goes into three: Great Swiss Mountain Dog but also Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund is Grand Bouvier Suisse. It has traditionally been a dog that has always been exploited for moving large loads or in any case in tasks that required significant physical strength like his. Like the other cattlemen, he too was asked to look after the cattle.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog: origins

This breed was born from the disappeared one, called the alpine mastiff: the specimens of the latter were large molossers, in ancient times one of the most popular herd guardians, the Romans had brought them to the Alps during their expeditions. To dust off this extinct breed and then give life to ours Great Swiss Mountain Dog at the beginning of the twentieth century the Dr. Albert Heim: during an exhibition of Bernese Mountain Dogs in 1908, noticing a particularly large and short-haired specimen, a light bulb turned on.

He came, with great passion, to catalog the new breed. It was not immediate, before in 1912, the "Swiss club of the great Swiss mountain dog", The standard arrived, officially from the FCI, only in 1939. Today, in addition to Switzerland, the Great Swiss Mountain Dog is also widespread in other European countries, especially in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, but less and less than the "Bernese Mountain Dog"Is very little bred in the U.S.A. and in England, generally appreciated as a companion dog. In the absence of cows and cattle to look after, look after mankind, calm and reliable.

Physical aspect

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog he is a molosser, muscular and imposing, his physique undoubtedly inspires strength and respect. Nothing makes him seem aggressive, however, on the contrary, he has a meek, good-natured air, but not a "stupid" one. Head held high and proud ways, manifest one confident self-control and its own strength. Head high, and also large and powerful, in proportion to the rest of the body, and with medium sized ears, set high, and hazel eyes, very sweet and particularly expressive. Like all cattlemen.

The whole structure is very robust without weighing down the profile too much, but the chest is prominent, the tail is robust too, and rather long. Speaking of fur, that of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog it is short, unlike the more “minute” Bernese Mountain Dog, but similarly in three colors. The bottom of the coat is black, with symmetrical white markings on the muzzle, legs, chest and tip of the tail, and then there are the beautiful reddish markings between white and black, inevitable, especially above the eyes.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog: puppies

Because the puppies of Great Swiss Mountain Dog they reach psychological maturity you have to wait about three years, then they become less playful and show 100% their true temper, exceptional, and a rare balance, I would say enviable even a large part of mankind.

As for physical growth, even in this case it is rapid and continues for about three years: a delicate period in which the puppy Great Swiss Mountain Dog should be followed with particular attention, especially in nutrition. Balanced and varied, never too abundant. Physical effort must also be monitored: it must never be excessive during the bone formation phase, therefore in the first year.

Also in the following, the Great Swiss Mountain Dog it will never be a particularly sporty dog. Strong but not to run too much. However, good physical activity must be ensured to develop and maintain muscles, especially to prevent obesity.

Once adult, our former puppy becomes, if male, 75 cm high at the withers for a weight that can even exceed 70 kg. If female we are 68 cm in height at the withers, for a weight of even 60 kg. If we want to have an idea of ​​the animal mass, let's think about Newfoundland dog and al Neapolitan Mastiff.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog: character

Loyalty and attachment to the owner are proverbial and are characteristic of this breed, perhaps a little more apparently cold and reserved, compared to the Bernese Mountain Dog. Apparently. In truth, any aggressive trait is to be excluded and can instead be counted on Great Swiss Mountain Dog as on a dog with an open and playful character. This applies both to other dogs and to people.

He remains a powerful and completely stupid animal, so if he feels threatened or if he sees his family threatened, he does not hesitate to defend himself and assert himself. In general search always the company of the master and not only to protect him but precisely because he is not a dog that knows how to be alone. No more than a couple of hours, hers is an almost morbid need for affection and human companionship. This is not to say that he is also not a great guardian and that he loves to stretch his legs in large spaces. Better if with long walks with the owner.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog: breeding

In Italy, from the ENCI website, there are 4 farms of Great Swiss Mountain Dog, two in Lombardy, in the provinces of Milan and Sondrio, one in Piedmont, near Cuneo, and the fourth in Veneto, in the Padua area. As a race that of Great Swiss Mountain Dog it is not difficult to breed: it is not very sensitive to frost, its coat only needs a short daily brushing to be kept shiny and clean and, above all, it does not require enormous quantities of food. Yes, despite his size, he is not a greedy dog.

Before taking a Great Swiss Mountain Dog with us, we also evaluate that he can feel good in our home, beyond the affection with which we intend to welcome him. As a dog he never tolerates life in the city well, he is definitely not suited to apartment living, even if easily trainable, however, has little compatible dimensions.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog: average life span

As is often the case with large dogs, longevity is not guaranteed: in the case of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog the average life is about a dozen years. He has a fairly strong health but there are various pathologies to which he is "classically" subject, and it is better to leave prepared. Among the most frequent problems is the hip dysplasia and elbow, of a genetic nature and easily eliminated with careful selection. The Great Swiss Mountain Dog it can be prone to stomach torsion, too, but as a breed it is often considered one of those who enjoy excellent health.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog: price

A puppy of Great Swiss Mountain Dog it can have a price of around a thousand euros. It depends a lot on the area in which we are looking for it and also on the fact that it is not yet very well known and widespread in Italy. The ENCI website, however, records a strong increase in registered specimens in 2015: this could lead to price changes, and even more so in the number of farms that "adopt" this breed.

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