Cat's tail: movements and how much it measures

Cat's tail: movements and how much it measures

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Tail of the cat, never touch it but look at it yes, to interpret it and understand what the cat is thinking in order to evaluate if it is better to leave it alone to avoid being scratched or hunted, or if you can pamper him a bit, since many of us take the stress out of doing so.

What the cat's tail is made of

So agile, flexible and at the same time massive, the cat's body is supported by a skeleton in which there are about 250 bones. If the vertebrae in the neck are short, then continue with the bones of the spine which make it particularly mobile, and then gradually up to tail, mobile, agile and essential when it comes to maintaining balance in leaps, runs, falls and "assaults".

In the cat's tail there are caudal vertebrae as a continuation of the column and their number varies according to the breed. On the tail, less than on the back, but there are also gods muscles, very flexible to give the animal that agility that distinguishes it.

How big is a cat's tail

The length of the cat's tail it varies greatly from breed to breed, certainly it does not happen often to find tails of over 40 cm like that of "Cygnus", a Maine Coon record-breaking. This feline, coming from Michigan, has a 46.7 cm long tail if the bone structure is measured, if the hair is also included, it exceeds 60 cm. To date it seems to be that of Cygnus la cat's tail

Cat biting its own tail

Cases of cats biting themselves are less frequent than those involving dogs. Felines more than anything else they lick their tail, intent on taking care of theirs personal hygiene, and if they bite it, it is perhaps to carry out a more thorough cleaning. Mechanisms similar to those of the Dog biting its tail are not triggered in them.

Movements of the cat's tail

For those who love cats, learn the language of the body and cat's tail it is interesting and can reveal curious and surprising aspects of our furry friends. If we see them with the swollen tail and the bristly hair, means that they are afraid and could also react aggressively, but in defense.

There cat's tail at half mast, perhaps moving slowly, it means that the animal is interested in something it is scrutinizing, with an attitude that I would dare to define lukewarm, when the tail sways or traces semicircles, it transmits one euphoric mood.

It happens sometimes to notice the vertical cat's tail, when the cat is studying and anticipating our moves, but if it is folded to one side, she just wants to play, if instead she is completely on one side, and the cat is female, she is showing her own sexual availability.

If the cat is monitoring the situation, it holds the tail resting on the back, if it has seen a prey and is aiming for it, it holds it low with the tip contracted instead. If the cat's tail is hidden, the scenario is completely different: the feline feels threatened and vulnerable.

Cat's Tail: DIY

If we are in Halloween or Carnival period, we can buy or make homemade cat ears and tail DIY. On Amazon you see an example, as an accessory for whoever you want disguise as a black cat. The "kit" includes a 28cm tail, a bow tie and a pair of ears.

Cat's Tail Plant

We find a cat's tail also in the plant world, because the plant Amaranthus caudatus it was so nicknamed, due to its shape. This annual herbaceous comes from South America but also from Africa and Asia, there are some species that are also edible. Exhibition large leaves, oval or lanceolate, dark green or purple and produces elongated flowers made from red "feathers", orange or yellow, with small dark seeds.

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