How to share the car

How to share the car

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A car usually has four or five seats. Have you ever thought of to share your? Maybe car sharing it could be a ploy to make new friends. When you really can't do without the car, you can make intelligent use of it that greatly reduces consumption and pollution. Travel by car alone it is a great waste of energy, it is true, it cannot always be avoided but you can try to do something to optimize travel. Let's start, for example, with the parents who daily accompany and pick up their children from school. Coordinating between parents could be a great idea, no one has to sacrifice, you can take turns or collaborate with fuel costs. If in the city where you live there are no "car sharing“, You can start one yourself starting from your relatives, neighbors and fellow citizens.

Coordinate the use of the vehicle in the family or coordinate different families for car sharing it saves money, time and city pollution. For example, you can use only one car, perhaps taking turns or sharing the costs, to go to work or to take the children to school if there is no adequate public transport. Among the neighbors, women could organize themselves to shop together and why not, that of car sharing it could be a good way to build new relationships and change your friendships. Often we live side by side without even knowing each other; the habits of a good neighborhood, with the car sharing, could increase exponentially as well as individual social relations by returning to a more open relational mode: collaboration between close families or fellow citizens seem to be very rare, car sharing it would mean opening a new window so as to bring interaction and collaboration into the daily life of each of us.

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